Sable Hide Sleepover Hide

Kruger National Park.
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Sable Hide Sleepover Hide

Kruger National Park.
from R760per night
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Sleeping Units

Sable Hide Sleepover Hide, SOUTH AFRICA

Sleeping units are attached to the inside of the wall of the hide during the day. The units are set up in wooden structures. When the sun goes down, the structures are unfolded and turned into a bed base. The mattresses are locked safely in a cupboard in the hide and bedding and cutlery need to be collected at the Mopani Camp reception once you have paid a deposit. The bedding you receive includes a pillow, pillowcase, duvet, duvet cover, sheet, and a mattress protector.

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Living Space

Sable Hide Sleepover Hide, SOUTH AFRICA

The hide has a boma with braai facilities and while the hide doesn’t have electricity there are 2 rechargeable lamps for lighting. These are provided on request and last for 5 hours at a time. Guests are advised to bring their own lighting. Only the outer perimeter of the hide is fenced in. Guests are advised to be cautious at all times and should not leave the safety of the hide in the evening.

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A Guide to Sable Hide Sleepover Hide


Sable Overnight Hide is the perfect place to get back to nature and experience the Kruger National Park in a way that so few people get to. By day, it is the ultimate bird hide, and at night, it transforms into a comfortable but rustic place to sleep. The hide offers guests some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities and it is not uncommon for guests to wake up to the sounds of grunting lions or the gentle footsteps of a passing elephant.

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Sleepover hides are not your average type of accommodation which means you won’t have a shop or other convenient facilities close by. There is no water for bathing or drinking, and there is no electricity. The hide is managed from Phalaborwa Gate, and this is also the last place to stock up on the necessities.

You’ll find the Sable Hide about 10 km away from the Phalaborwa Gate.

What is a Sleepover Hide?

There is nothing quite like staying over in a hide. Hides are designed to give guests the best opportunity to spend a night in the wild, away from other park guests and close to nocturnal animals of all kinds. A sleepover hide differs from all other types of park accommodation in that guests generally only spend one night in the hide and leave early the next morning. The seclusion can encourage animals to come close to the hide, as they won’t be scared off by noises and smells.

You can expect your stay in a hide to be quite rustic and peaceful. The hides will take you back to basics and provide you with a comfortable night. Many guests enjoy plenty of exciting game viewing, spotting animals they wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

About Sable Sleepover Hide

Far more rustic than any other place in the Kruger National Park, Sable Hide is the ideal escape for anyone who just wants to disconnect from the real world and spend an evening in the absolute solitude of the African wild. With no power, no water, and one lamp which only shines for about 5 hours, the hide takes the term rustic to a whole new level.

Phalaborwa Gate is the nearest facility, and once you check into the hide, and arrive around a half hour before the camp gates close, it’s just you and nature. You have the option of spending the day at the hide, although it can get a bit cramped. Some guests prefer to spend just the day in the hide while others love to spend only their evenings tucked away.

Camp Accommodation

Sable Overnight Hide sleeps between 2 and 6 people. When checking in, guests will have to visit Phalaborwa Gate to collect the keys. Here they will also pick up bedding, a light and a braai grid. By the parks other accommodation options, Sable is considered primitive, and you are guaranteed a completely private stay.

Sleeping Units

Sleeping units are attached to the inside of the wall of the hide during the day. The units are set up in wooden structures.

By day the sleeping units are locked onto the inside of the wall. At night, these beds can be unfolded and turned into a light but comfortable bed base upon which a mattress can be placed. Mattresses are stored inside a cupboard in the hide. You can bring your own bedding, but it is easier to use the bedding provided. This includes a pillow and pillowcase, a duvet and duvet cover, a sheet and a mattress protector.

There is no running water at the hide, and you’ll have to use the nearby environmental toilet.

Living Space

Units are self-catered. There is a boma area complete with a braai facility. No cooking utensils or crockery is provided, you’ll have to bring your own along. Think of it is a step up from conventional camping and make sure you plan properly so that you have all of the necessities to make your stay comfortable.

A light is provided but if you feel the need to have more than a single light, you’ll have to bring your own. When staying at Sable Hide, you should never leave the enclosure. Vehicles can be brought into the enclosure and parked in the lapa, for safety purposes.

Other Helpful Camp Information

Your planning can be greatly benefitted from having a few fantastic bits of helpful information. This list of facts can make your stay in the park safer and more relaxed.

When staying in an overnight hide, you need to be well aware of the fact that you are possibly staying closer to nature than most other park guests. It is very important that you never approach, feed or try to touch any of the animals that come close to the hide or perhaps happen to enter the enclosure. Should animals get into the enclosure, you can alert nearby camp officials who will come and safely escort the animal out.

Another thing you have to be aware of, regardless of where you are in the park, is the fact that there are likely to be many unseen insects and reptiles nearby. Sometimes, these critters and creatures can get into camps or communal bathrooms. You should always be on the lookout for them, as a wrong foot can result in a painful bite or sting. When outside at night, make sure you have a pair of shoes on and always have a torch with you.

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you choose to visit, you should always be aware of malaria and the risks that go along with it. The threat of Malaria is always a real concern, but it is especially prevalent in the summer months when humidity is at its peak. You can avoid getting malaria if you take certain steps, such as using insect repellent and sleeping under a net. The best way to avoid getting ill is to get preventative medication from your doctor before journeying to Africa.

Finally, you will need to take the time of year you visit into consideration as well. Sometimes, the best time of the year to visit is either early spring or late autumn. The summers in the Kruger can get very hot and humid, and most afternoons end with a thunderstorm. These intense summers can make safari drives unpleasant, and there is a chance that you won’t see animals, as even they shy away from the heat. Winters are mild but the days can be very cold. When visiting in winter, you’ll need to pack very carefully.

Sable Hide Gate Times

Those staying over in the Sable Hide will need to arrive at least half an hour before the gates closing time and they will need to leave the hide about a half hour after the camp gates open.

Camp times are as follows: January to March: Camp gates open at 04:30 am and close at 06:30 pm April to September: Camp gates open at 06:00 am and close at 06:00 pm October: Camp gates open at 05:30 am and close at 06:00 pm November to December: Camp gates open at 04:30 am and close at 06:30 pm

Flora and Fauna

Staying at the Sable Hide is a unique and exciting experience and guests get to see flora and fauna that few others get to catch sight of. Sable overlooks the Sable Dam and there are numerous beautiful big trees surrounding the hide. If you are looking for unique bird sightings, this is the place to stay.

Being so close to a dam means you’ll really see animals of all kinds, including elephant, buffalo, hippo, big cats and antelope of all kinds.

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